Access Control System identifies and authorizes the entry of any person into the business or residential premises. It provides security by ensuring any unauthorized entry. Electronic systems in proper condition permit the user to define and limit the access with the purpose of eliminating security threats. Premises may be an office, residence, hotel room, mode of transport etc. The purpose is to limit the entry to a few people like employees or suppliers. Our services include the design, setup, integration and customization of access control systems in Dubai to suit any requirement.

Importance of Access Control System

  • It helps to increase safety as well as security of people
  • Improves productivity for workers through proper control
  • Reduces the chance of theft
  • Protects the properties from fraud and shrinkage.
  • It holds people or inhabitants responsible for the incidents
  • Ensure the convenience of owner, employees and visitors
  • Maximize the sale and thus profitability for the organization

Types of Access Control Systems

Door Access Control

It is an electronic security system to control the access through the door. There would be an access card that limits the entry to those who hold it. It also provides useful data to track entries made through the door.

Parking Gate Barrier

Gate Barriers are usually built to control the entry of the vehicles in to the parking areas. They limit the entry of vehicles at entry and exit gates. This system blocks the entry of unauthorized vehicles through a metal bar. The barrier opens with an access card or remote control system. Professional gate barrier implementation ensure smooth passing of vehicles.

UHF Long Range Reader

Long range UHF RFID reader is ideal for applications such as vehicle monitoring, parking control and identifying vehicle presence.

Installation & Maintenance of Access Control

We provide installation, integration, customization, training and excellent after sales support. Our access control technicians are experts in understanding the requirements and provide the solution accordingly. They can identify the location and security requirements with precision.

NEW LINE SYSTEMS LLC as a certified supplier of access control system ensures proper and timely maintenance. We schedule the visit of technicians as per the AMC contract or calls. It ensures proper functioning of all available access control at the premises.