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Newlines Systems LLC is professional company with SIRA approval for providing all services of CCTV in Dubai. We have an excellent team for supply and installation of CCTV for companies, warehouses, residential apartments and individual houses. As one of the most reliable CCTV dealers in Dubai, this company can provide products and services at best rates. Taking sufficient security measures in villas and business premises is not only essential but also mandatory in Dubai.

CCTV cameras and recording systems and surveillance are thus part of every commercial sector like retail, banks, public transport, educational institutions, hotels etc. Enhance the safety of your business or residential premises in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman through the optimized CCTV installation.

Types of CCTV Systems

A CCTV security system is essential for any type of business or public organization. Therefore, it’s vital to select the right CCTV camera for the right location and application.

We provide different types of CCTV systems suitable for villas, residential building as well as commercial buildings like Hotels, Malls, Hypermarkets etc. Most common types of CCTV systems include: DVRs/ NVRs,Server, Cameras, Monitors. We have a wide variety of safety solutions such as Axis CCTV, Samsung CCTV, Grandstream CCTV, Hikvision CCTV, UNV/Uniview CCTV, Panasonic CCTV, Dahua CCTV, Pelco CCTV, Bosch CCTV, Milesight CCTV, Bosch CCTV, CPPlus CCTV, and other CCTV-installer solutions.

When it comes to securing your business, there are many different types of CCTV to choose from. Surveillance plays a huge part in today’s society, and with cameras all around us, our day-to-day lives are experiencing higher levels of security each day.What many people don’t know, however, is that there are a variety of different types of CCTV camera which suit different situations or premises, and that selecting the proper camera for the right application really is vital.

Dome Camera

The dome camera is one most commonly used for indoor and outdoor security and surveillance. The shape of the camera makes it difficult for onlookers to tell which way the camera is facing, which is a strong piece of design, deterring criminals by creating an air of uncertainty.

Other benefits of internal and external dome cameras include:

  • Ease of installation

  • Vandal-resistant features

  • IR night vision

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras are long and cylindrical in shape and are ideal for outdoor use with long distance view. Installed within protective casings, the cameras are shielded against dust, dirt and other natural elements. The cameras can easily be mounted with a mounting bracket.

Other benefits of bullet cameras include:

  • IR night vision

  • Compact size aids installation

  • High-quality image resolution

C-Mount/Box Camera

Coming with detachable lenses, C-mount cameras allow for simple lens changes to fit different applications. C-mount cameras can cover distances beyond 40 ft thanks to the possibility to use special lenses with these cameras, whereas standard CCTV lenses can only cover distances of 35-40 ft.

Other benefits of C-mount cameras include:

  • Can support changes in technology

  • Effective for indoor use

  • Bulky size makes them noticeable (which acts as a deterrent)

Day/Night Camera

Capable of operating in both normal and poorly lit environments, these cameras benefit from not requiring inbuilt infrared illuminators as they can capture clear video images in the dark thanks to their extra sensitive imaging chips. For this reason, these cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance applications in which IR cameras are unable to function optimally.

Other benefits of day/night cameras include:

  • Record in both colour and black & white.

  • Wide variety of sizes available

  • Infrared capability

PTZ Camera

PTZ – Pan/tilt/zoom – cameras allow the camera to be moved left or right (panning), up and down (tilting) and even allow the lens to be zoomed closer or farther. These cameras are used in situations where a live guard or surveillance specialist is there operating the security systems.

Other benefits of PTZ cameras include:

  • 200m IR night vision

  • X36 optical zoom

  • High-quality image resolution

CCTV – Security Systems Installaton

New Line Systems provide design and installation for high resolution CCTV systems with most modern equipment and expert services. We follow the government regulations and install CCTV systems in residential and commercial buildings, hotels, retail shops etc.

Maintenance of Security Cameras & Systems

Here you gettop quality Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) by experienced CCTV solutions to ensure continuous protection. We have on the call maintenance as well as yearly contracts for commercial as well as residential CCTV systems in Dubai and Sharjah.